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After creating an account at '' go to settings to select a subscription. We offer:

We currently offer the following packages:

Basic - 24.99$ p/m

  • 1 promotion
  • 1 message p/m
  • 1 location
Basic is really simple and easy to setup. 1 promotion means a 'card' will be added to the Stampwallet app with stamps or points for a business. You get 1 location and 1 message per month. When creating a promotion you can generate QR codes. Normally we do this for you and print them on a nice plastic card for 10$, but you can also do this yourself. You can also generate promo codes. A promo code is a QR that can only be scanned 1 time. A promo code is great to put on flyers, posters, business cards, social media etc. because you activate new users with this.

Basic+ - 34,99$ p/m

  • 2 promotions
  • 2 messages p/m (for extra messages we charge 10$ per month per message extra)
  • 2 locations (for extra locations we charge 10$ per month per location extra)
  • 1 coupon (a coupon is a free reward you can add to our app, all the Stampwallet users in your territory will see this coupon, so you have great reach)
  • can be added to a group like a mall or shopping area
  • API access basic features
The Basic+ package is same as basic, only a place can add 2 promotions. For example for drinks and for daily special. Also they can add more than 1 locations. 1 extra is free in the package, for extra location you pay 10$ per location per month extra.
This can be good for a chain of stores for example. You also see 'add to group', this means this business can be added to a 'group card', a group is for example a mall, or a street with stores. You collect stamps or points in every store so for example: store A, B and C all have their own basic+ package and promotions. But when you save 1 point in A and B and C you also get 3 points on a group card. This is perfect for malls or shopping areas, because with those points you can do special promotions, for example for events.

Advanced - 49.99$ p/m

  • 3 promotions
  • 3 messages p/m (for extra messages we charge 8$ per month per message extra)
  • 3 locations p/m (for extra locations we charge 8$ per month per location extra)
  • Stampwallet HOST (generate unique QR codes using a special application on your phone, tablet or computer to generate QR codes after a transaction, this is a lot saver and ideal for suppliers or small businesses)
  • can be added to a group like a mall or shopping area
  • API access basic features
Advanced is the same as basic+ but more locations, messages and locations. Also this enables Stampwallet HOST. This is a section in our management panel you can use on your phone or tablet. When you have a store or you are a delivery service, you can generate a unique QR code 'on the fly'. So when someone made a purchase, you can add the amount in your host, and it will generate a unique QR that can be scanned 1 time. This is really secure, because with basic and basci+ when someone makes a picture of your QR they can basically scan the QR when they want and get free stamps. HOST is better an more secure. Also great for delivery and suppliers.

PRO - contact sales (we must have more information to make a quotation)

  • Everything from advanced
  • Connect to POS
  • Connect to vending machines or machinery
  • Print unique QR's on receipt
  • Receipt capturing
  • API advanced
PRO is automation! This is way more complex and you need us to connect or help. We use hardware or implementations in POS systems. For example using our API. You can connect our API to a webshop, an existing app, a POS or more. Per transaction a unique QR code will be printed on the receipt. That is awesome and 'hassle free' for the company using it.
It takes some time to setup and we need to make a quotation per situation. We also have a receipt capturing service, make a picture of a receipt and we turn it into ocr and sent the values back. You can use receipt capturing without our app if needed. This is great for brands that want to know when users are buying their products. 

Branded app - from 250$ p/m contact sales

  • You can have your own app which is basically a promotion you manage from the stampwallet management panel. You won't see any other merchants in the app, only your own business. Your customers can download your app with your brand name, logo and identity to start saving!

White label - from 1000$ p/m contact sales

  • Have your own Stampwallet app, using your own name, with your own market / territory and your own customers. You can decide the price, we only charge per year to use the white label and charge a really small fee per connected merchant.

Installation cost

When we sell to merchants in our own Territory (Curacao and Netherlands), we charge a small fee per installation. We offer a simple flyer / poster design and some marketing material and we print a QR code on a plastic card. Every agent is allowed to manage his own installation cost. If you order online, you don't have any installation cost, but you can order the merchandise seperate.